Sunday, April 12, 2009


A few items that don't warrant separate posts:
  • My local newspaper ran an obituary for Dave Arneson on Saturday. Astonishingly, it was a bigger obit than the one they ran for Gary. I'm not certain whether I'd attribute this to a slow news day or perhaps this was of karma's way of finally attempting to balance the scales.
  • This week will see me finishing up the City's Shadows Alphabet and a contest-related announcement. The following week, from all initial indications, looks like it's going to be "Magic-User's Week" at The Society of Torch, Pole and Rope.
  • I came across the following cartoon from Dragonmirth as I was going through my files. I remember saving it back when I did my initial design on the Fane of St. Toad sub-level. Somehow, I never got around to incorporating it into the level.

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Joseph said...

The box-o-flies notwithstanding, I want to do something in Castle of the Mad Archmage where there are stairs and pillars and platforms and such suspended in the darkness, with hundred-foot-drops off the edges into nothingness, where naught but distant flapping and occasional gibbering can be heard. I know just where to put it, too. Level 7 is going to be awesome...