Friday, February 3, 2012

Three Castles Award Finalists Announced

Over on the NTRPG Convention website, the finalists for the 2012 Three Castles Award have been announced. This year’s contenders, in alphabetical order, are:
  • ASE1 - Anomalous Subsurface Environment by Patrick Wetmore
  • Realms of Crawling Chaos by Daniel Proctor
  • Stars Without Number by Kevin Crawford
  • Tome of Adventure Design by Matt Finch
The finalists now move on to this year’s judging committee consisting of Dennis Sustare, Sandy Peterson, Steve Marsh, Zeb Cook and Rob Kuntz. Congratulations to this year’s nominees!


James Smith said...

Congrats! And Good Luck!

The Badger King said...

Wow.... I own three of these products, and the fourth instantly intruiges me.

Wulfgar22 said...

I own three of those products. Unfortunately, the fourth (Mythmere's ToAD) is impossible to get in the UK without paying crazy shipping fees!

Tough call, though...they are all excellent.

Digital Orc said...

Cograts! I'm loving Realms and have flipped through Stars. I may need to make a couple more purchases now...

Don said...

I too have three of the items and would love to have the fourth (if only it were available as a Lulu SC). As much as I like all four, I think I'd have to go with SWN as the winner.