Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stonehell Dungeon Review

Those of you who are still on the fence about adding Stonehell Dungeon: Down Night-Haunted Halls to your RPG collection may wish to venture over to TenFootPole.org. Bryce Lynch serves up a flattering review of the book as part of his ongoing series of OSR evaluations.

In related news, I've had a few inquires regarding the state of the sequel, with some folks (justifiably so) pondering whether it will remain RPG vapor-ware. I addressed those concerns over on Dragonsfoot, but will reprint my response here:

Hello, all. I just wanted to chime in RE: Stonehell Dungeon and clear up any misconceptions. The second book detailing levels 6-10 is most certainly in the works and will see print. I intended to have it out long before now, but I've been swamped doing design work for other publishers, and since Stonehell is the only deadline that I have any say over, it's been the casualty of overwork for others. Rest assured, the dungeon will be completed as I too dislike to leave anything unfinished--especially when I know people have been clamoring for the rest of the megadungeon.

I'm on a schedule where I try to complete writing one quadrant of the dungeon each week. Sometimes I hit that mark, sometimes I don't, but slow progress is better then no progress at all. I did hit the wall a while back, and I had to go back and completely redo a section of the dungeon that was causing problems and bottlenecking the rest of the design process. I can safely say that that issue has been corrected and I'm back on track. I'll be bringing Stonehell with me to GaryCon IV and if you catch me when I'm not playing someone else's game, I'll run it with whoever want to explore the ancient prison. Player's choice whether you want to visit the old levels or the new ones.

My goal is to have the book released before the year's over. I want it done and gone probably even more so than you fine folks, but I have to temper the desire to slap the rest of the dungeon together with my commitment to giving you a book that equals if not exceeds its predecessor. I hope you can understand this and forgive me the delay.

Thanks to all of you've who've purchased, played, and spread the word about Stonehell over the last two years. I'm very appreciative of the love and support my little monster of a dungeon has received from all the old school crowd (and a few new school folks as well). 


Mike said...

Glad to see the second part is still in the works! I picked up the pdfs this fall and am preparing a sandbox to drop Stonehell in. I'm hoping to run it live and through Constantcon on google+ in the near future.

Keep up the good work, it is appreciated (and anticipated)!


The Badger King said...

Hey Mike.... while I am happy to hear that work is continuing apace on the new porject, I had a question: do you have any intention of releasing the Bandit Caves or Hidden Secrets ebooks as printable books? I would love to have them in a volume on my bookcase next to Stonehell. 8)

Michael Curtis said...

At this time I have no plans to compile the supplements into a single book and make it available in hardcopy. That may change at some point, but at the moment that task is so far beyond sight as to be unimaginable. Thanks for the interest though.

Bryce Lynch said...

Yeah, don't screw around; go buy Stonehell.

Hey! The Pretty Girl and Iare going to GaryCon!Whoop!