Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The October Country: Lantern Frogs

Resembling terrier-sized tree frogs, lantern frogs are multi-colored amphibians that naturally produce a soft, luminescent green glow. This illumination attracts the large insects that the lantern frog preys upon. Lantern frogs can dim their light, but do so poorly and must make a successful Hide roll in order to dampen their glow enough to avoid notice. Otherwise, observers gain a +25% bonus to any Notice roll to detect the frog's presence. In recent decades, lantern frogs have been domesticated and are a favorite pet of the children of nobility, poets, and those that eat taveesh resin.

Lantern Frogs
STR: 2d6 (7)
CON: 3d6 (10-11)
SIZ: 1d4 (2-3)
POW: 3d6 (10-11)
DEX: 3d6 (10-11)

Average hit points: 6
Move: 6 (jump 9)

Skills: Climb 90%, Hide 20%, Dodge 45%, Jump 85%, Notice 65%

Armor: 1
Attack: None, but when panicked, Lantern Frogs produce a burst of light that can temporarily blind predators. A successful POW vs. POW Opposition roll indicates the observer is blinded for 2d6 rounds.

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