Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dream Fragment: Batman

Last night, a very strange fragment of a dream burbled up from my subconscious. I'm not going to do anything with it, but it struck me as having possibilities for an alternate reality superhero roleplaying campaign.

The dream was very brief, nothing more than one long visual image, but it posed this question: "What if, instead of Gotham City, Batman haunted the nights of Baghdad?" I dreamed the Caped Crusader was perched atop a highway traffic sign, dismantling an IED with a Bat device. By extension, one could easily imagine him hunting down insurgents or taking on corruption in the new government. In the dream, it was Dark Knight-style Batman, but one could simply replace Bruce Wayne with a native Iraqi and conjure up some new Bat-costume to cloak him in.

For all I know, as I don't follow the exploits of Batman outside of the occasional movie (which made the dream all the much stranger), DC Comics has already explored this idea. If not, please feel free to use it yourself. If the writers at DC want to take a crack at it, a small story credit is all I ask!


Chris said...

Batmansur? That's just crazy-awesome enough to work.

Aaron said...

You know, that is a really awesome idea. It is a great way to win hearts and minds- localize the comics your country is famous for. Spiderman is huge in India, and is known as Piter.