Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jim Roslof is Gravely Ill

I know this rumor was going around not too long ago, but it appears there is further confirmation from Steve Sullivan, the old friend of Jim Roslof who first mentioned it on his twitter account. According to sources, Sullivan has posted this on his Facebook account:

Old friend and former TSR Artist/Art Director Jim Roslof is rapidly losing his fight with cancer. His wife, Laura said cards are welcome and seem to cheer him up. Please send kind thoughts to: Jim & Laura Roslof W5409 Kenosha Dr, Elkhorn, WI 53147
In addition to Jim’s work as TSR’s Art Director, he produced many iconic images that graced the pages and covers of various D&D books over the years. I fear that despite his hard work and talent, his efforts were often overshadowed by some of the other luminaries working for TSR in the early days.

Mr. Roslof was one of the legends who contributed work to The Dungeon Alphabet, something I’m very grateful for. And not to dismiss the other great artists whose work fills the pages of my professional debut, but Jim’s take on “I is for Inscriptions” and “P is for Pools” are perhaps my personal favorites of all the illustrations. He truly sums up the old school adventuring experience with those two pieces.

My hopes and prayers for a miracle go out to Jim and his family.


Johnathan Bingham said...

That is terrible news. It seems that too many folks involved in the early days of the game are departing this life at much too young an age. My thoughts are with his family.

scottsz said...


Carter Soles said...

Hate to hear this, but thanks for the update.

ckutalik said...

Terrible news indeed. I loved his work back in the day, the cover of the Keep invokes my first real love of gaming--and the work in your Alphabet book was top notch.