Thursday, March 17, 2011

I’ve Always Wondered

It’s not been a good week for blogging, but it has been a productive one for writing. I’m closing in on the end of one manuscript and hoping that I have enough time to tackle a short piece of my own before I move on to the next project. I’m also doing a rundown of the various gods and goddesses of Stonehell Dungeon for an inquisitive fan (Be done soon, Mike). I’ve got some more Dragontale posts coming and some assorted other bits in the pipe. Look for them next week. Until then, let me leave you with this observation:

Today, while out and about, the familiar strains of The Pretender’s “Back on the Chain Gang” came strutting out of my car speakers. As I listened to the song, bopping along to Ms. Hynde, I again wondered about the provenance of one of the song’s lyrics.

Ever since I learned of the existence of Robert E. Howard's tale “Pigeons from Hell”, I’ve wondered if Chrissie Hynde is alluding to Howard’s work with the line “Got in the house like a pigeon from hell.” If that is the case, it officially makes Chrissie Hynde the coolest rock n’ roll goddess the world has ever seen.


blizack said...

I'm interested in seeing your notes on the Stonehell gods.

Michael Curtis said...

I'm thinking that once I get the summary compiled and have a free day or three, I might just turn the whole thing into a free Stonehell Supplement and add it to my Lulu storefront. No promises, but it does have a certain appeal to me, making it more likely than not.

blizack said...

Sounds good to me, even if it takes a while. I'll keep an eye out for more on the subject.

Mike said...

Obviously, getting that new product on the table should take priorities over my little query about Stonehell. I'm quite honored that I may have inspired a new Stonehell Supplement, though!