Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer’s Here: The Punks Have Arrived

Longtime readers of the SoTPR may remember that I’m an aficionado of punk rock, having spent my formative years involved in the scene and fronting a small but durable ha-core band. Although I’m no longer active in my local scene, I remain a fan.

Last summer, through a series of coincidences and happenstance, I found myself attending a few punk rock shows in my area. It seems that, like the OSR, the punk bands from the late seventies and early eighties are having their own revival—cashing in on their dimming fame while everyone’s still alive. This is a good thing for fans like me in our troubled economic times for it means cheap local shows.

The paper today announced that the first of these punks of yore have arrived on my fair shores so I’m officially kicking of "Mike’s Old School Punk Rock Summer of 2010" this Saturday when I go see The Buzzcocks play a few towns over.

Checking out some of my favorite bands from back then, I see that it looks like Social Distortion and GBH will be in the vicinity this summer too. And although I don’t own any of their albums, my love for the absurd may take me to see GWAR next month. I’m anticipating more shows to be announced in the coming weeks. It looks like it’s a summer of Punkémon: Gotta Catch ‘em All


Atom Kid said...

Yes! I saw the Buzzcocks about 7 or 8 years ago, and it was free! It was a great show!

Matt Johnsen said...

Not only are the Buzzcocks coming to town, but I think they're playing most or ALL of their first two albums! I think I'll see them in Philly on Friday.

Roger the GS said...

Excellent. I was in "the scene" in upstate New York and southwest Connecticut (Club Anthrax represent), had a zine, and gamed with some of those same people all through college.

sirlarkins said...

I'm not surprised to see this post considering your last one had a Dickies lyric for a subject line. ;)