Monday, May 24, 2010

Heart of the Island Screencapture

If anyone knows where I can find a screencapture of the "heart of the island" cave from last night's finale of Lost, I'd be ever so grateful. That's a location which is so going into the campaign world--with other properties of course.


Christopher Letzelter said...

I found four screencaps, but only of the stream and cave entrance. Might be a few days before caps of the deeper cave and pool are on the 'net.
If you want me to e-mail them to you, let me know.

Fandomaniac said...

That's funny, I was thinking the same thing. It really did have that "entrance to a dungeon" feel to it. It would have been cool if the skeletons animated and attached Desmond!

Michael Curtis said...

Chris, if you do come across some, by all means, either email them my way or drop a link to where you found them here. I'd appreciate either. Thank you.

Michael Curtis said...

It really did have that "entrance to a dungeon" feel to it.

There's been a few sets designed for the show over the years that have made me say "I wish I had a 25mm scale model of that for a game." It was nice that the show went out with one last one for me to steal. The pool from the cave is going somewhere.

Reverend Keith said...

Screencaps for "Across the Sea" (Pages 4, 9 - 12)

Screencaps for "The End" (Page 11, 12, 26, for exterior cave shots, pages 14, 15 & 29 for interior "glowing light" shots)