Sunday, May 23, 2010

Liftoff Has Been Scrubbed

Despite having a perfectly good opportunity to dive through a strange glowing portal in pursuit of an unknown squid-faced assailant, the party demonstrated remarkable restraint and chose to let the creature flee.

Damn it.

Had they not done so, the campaign would have taken to the stars as the adventurers found themselves on the surface of the lesser moon, Nihil. And oh what fun that would have been…

Instead, it looks as if the party is headed out beyond the Dune Sea to investigate the legendary dungeon complex know as the Black Gut—which will be fun in its own right for I have some interesting plans for that megadungeon.

But still, a trip to the moon would have been legendary.


JB said...

At least you gave 'em a choice!

Sagaar said...

My greatest DM weakness is not being able to hold back from telling PCs when they miss the "Super-awesome thingy" that I planned for them.

grodog said...

Wonderful ideas, especially the repeating leprechaun variations (the green dragon probably being my favorite :D ).