Monday, October 8, 2012

New Dungeon Alphabet Art

This just in from the "Please Make Mike Shut Up About His Books" Department:
Dungeon Alphabet Art Preview – The third printing of The Dungeon Alphabet is at the printer, with a great selection of new art! This expanded edition features new images by Russ Nicholson, Jeff Easley, Jim Holloway, Brad McDevitt, Peter Mullen, Stefan Poag, Michael Wilson, and William McAusland, plus the great art from prior printings. Check out the Dungeon Alphabet art gallery!
Here's but one example of some of the new pieces accompanying the expanded third printing. It's the new end sheet created by Peter Mullen. Looks great, no?


Anonymous said...

What's the deal with the "Haha! Suckers! You bought the first printing! So we made it better. You lose!" marketing plan?

Rob Barrett said...


Dom said...

I agree with SAROE. This penalize early adopters. In my opinion, new printings should only include fixed typos and erratas.