Friday, October 5, 2012

Emirikol Was Framed! And is Out in Stores!

Although it’s been trickling through the distribution chain for the past week, Goodman Games announced today that DCC #73: Emirikol Was Framed! has been released. You can pick up a copy at your FLGS, the Goodman Games web store, Paizo, FRP Games, and other quality online venues. PDF versions of Goodman Games releases are typically available a week or so after the print version has hit stores, so if electric’s your preference, keep checking Drive-Thru RPG or RPG Now in the near future.

Needless to say, I’m very curious about how people are going to react to the adventure once they get a chance to actually read it. I’m hoping that will quiet any detractors who’ve dismissed it as a parody adventure, but time will tell. I’m optimistic that I’ve succeeded in what I set out to do, which is create an adventure that wouldn’t be out of place in the tales of Leiber, Howard, and the rest of their ilk. But there’s a lot of emotion baggage when dealing with an icon like old Emirikol and I know it’s an uphill climb.


Anonymous said...

Went to my FLGS earlier today and there it was.

Michael Curtis said...

New releases usually hit the distribution chain early in the week and, depending on when a store ordered and how far away it is from the warehouse, the books typically arrive before the official announcement. That way, happy gamers read the release then rush to their FLGS and there's a copy waiting for them! I'm glad to see this strategy is working in your case!

James said...

Frp Games emailed me today to let me know my copy was in transit. :)

Anonymous said...

had it right there in my hand and got distracted by the Elric stuff. Can;'t believe I missed it! Congrats Mike!

grodog said...

Michael---What more can you tell us about the adventure besides the blurb?:

"The mad wizard Emirikol is terrifying the city! Striking without reason and sending his winged apes to slaughter the populace, the famous archmage has gone too far. Now a coffer of jewels is offered to those who would dare defeat him. The ever-changing walls of his Shifting Tower are guarded by a host of diabolical traps, fiendish guardians, and unimaginable terror. Will your adventurers come out victorious…or lose their very souls in the attempt?"

How many levels in the tower, what level is the module for, how adaptable is it to AD&D (I don't own the DCC RPG), etc.?


Michael Curtis said...

Without giving too much away, it's 12 levels of towering fun, filled with a nice variety of tricks, traps, and threatening monsters.

It's written for 4th level DCC characters, but I'm not 100% how that might scale for earlier editions of the game.

Adaptability is somewhat easier than converting 3.5 material to earlier additions, since there's fewer fiddly bits to the material (feats, skill ranks, paragraph-long monster stats, etc.) to convert.

The adventure can be completed in two average size sessions or a single longer one. Assuming all goes well, of course.