Sunday, October 7, 2012

Anonycon 2012 Schedule of Games

Things have settled into place for Anonycon 2012 (December 7-9 in Stamford, CT). There’s even an official Goodman Games link on the con website detailing the DCC RPG sessions happening over the weekend. For those of you attending, I’ll be running 4 sessions during the convention. They are:

Friday, Dec. 7th @ 8PM-12AM: “Emirikol Must Die!” (DCC RPG)
Saturday, Dec. 8th @ 9AM to 1 PM: “Party Like It’s 1975!” (OD&D plus Greyhawk)
Saturday, Dec.8th @ 8PM to 12 AM: “The Croaking Fane” (DCC RPG)
Sunday, Dec. 9th @ 9AM to 1PM: “Frozen in Time” (DCC RPG)
Arrangements are being made to have DCC RPG products available and I’ll be giving away some swag during the games to lucky survivors. As always, if you see me wandering the con, stop me and say “Hi!”, ask me to deface some books, or chat about all things gaming. I hope to see some regular readers and fans from the Northeast there in December!

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