Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Donning the Traditional Cotton Raiment

To give you all a better idea of exactly how scattershot my head was this summer, I’d like to mention that this blog hit its second anniversary one month ago and I didn’t even notice. August 21st, 2008 saw the first post here on The Society of Torch, Pole and Rope, starting off a process that would have entirely unforeseen results—ones which are still continuing.

Rather than dwell on what has been or anticipate what is coming, I’d just like to humbly thank everyone who has made this endeavor a success and supported my efforts (wittingly or not) to get the voices in my head down on paper and distributed to the masses. According to some reports, this blog is #8 on the Old School Hit Parade, making me a 7th level Pundit, a title that I would never willingly claim for myself.

I’m in awe that so many of you have seen fit to stick around and even willingly part with money to buy the ideas from my head. It is I who has become your biggest fan.

Hopefully, I’ve got another year in me and we’ll repeat this again in 2011.

In sincerity and with best wishes,



JDJarvis said...

The wife had invitations, banner and cake decorated with that very Dragon in the pic for our babies 1st birthday.

Vanadorn said...

What's nice about hitting 7th level Pundit is your access to 4th level spells like, "Wall of Typos", "Clairecommerce", and "Raise Dead Post".

Let me know if you are looking to tackle the next level down and I'll bring my pick-ax and hunting falcon with me.

Chase the rainbow, Mike.