Friday, April 2, 2010

Meet Gladys and Friend

Astute readers of the Watchfires & Thrones adventure log will remember that the PCs pitched in to buy a mule for their exploration of the Temple of the Goat. During play, the mule, Gladys, was portrayed by an extra large six-sided die. But die she is no longer!

During the week, I searched online for a mule miniature to use for the aforementioned burro, which turned out to be more difficult than I imagined. There doesn't seem to be much call for dungeon mules nowadays: take that as you will as an indicator of the current play style. However, in the dim alleys of eBay, I discovered a pair of long-ago painted mules for sale. Since the price was right, I picked them up. They arrived this afternoon.

I'm considering leaving them with their current paint jobs rather than stripping them and redoing the coloring. They'd have more old school dungeon cred that way. Most likely, I'll ask the guys next game which mule they want to use for Gladys and repaint the one they don't pick. Best of both worlds.


5stonegames said...

Its a sad sign of the times that you have to go to E-Bay to find a mule anymore.

Why I remember back in the day when every hobby shop had at least two mules and we bough them and liked them ...

Gamers Today

Or maybe not ;)

Pallando said...

Keep the other mule on hand as a pc. Should I ever join one of your games I would like to explore the Mule class.

biopunk said...

The Foundry, from the UK, has a few pack animals in the 28mm line.

limpey said...

I'm pleased to say that Mega Minis still has a properly laden pack mule in their minis catalog in 25 or 28mm scale --- as well as pack camels for the desert traveler and a 'corpse cart' ready for those who want to 'bring out their dead.' I wish I wasn't so cash strapped at this time; I'd buy enough pack mules to supply Napoleon's Grand Army.
These, however, look like fine specimens.
Does anyone make a mini of a mule that is not carrying anything?

biopunk said...

@ limpey Otherworld (again, from the UK) has an unladened one.