Monday, April 19, 2010

The Body Count Grows

I'll probaby have more to say about this session in the near future, but the recounting of Sunday's events is now up on the wiki's adventure log. Six party members died over the course of the day's explorations: four at the hands of the aforementioned Wrecking Crew and two underneath the tender caresses of animated statues.

I am not a referee who gets any pleasure from the deaths of characters. I really am the players' biggest cheerleader, but unfortunately characters do die, hopefully leaving the survivors a bit wiser in the process.


LordVreeg said...


You can't maintain your sense of drama if there is no cause and effect.

Anthony Emmel said...


I agree with you, Michael. I've never gone out of my way to kill characters...I've never had a TPK (came close ~once~) and I don't coddle my players. The dice roll against me and they're really crafty. :)

Of course, my wife thinks I purposefully try to kill off her characters. Not really; it's not my fault she almost always plays the cleric! That's target number one! :)