Sunday, August 9, 2009

Taking Advantage of the Distraction

As the blogosphere will most likely be looking towards Indy this week, I’ve decided that this is a wonderful opportunity to Hide in Shadows. For the past 12 months, I’ve been pretty good at making sure new content shows up here each week, even during the chaotic times when my normal M-W-F schedule gets disrupted. I like to think that lets me slide for one week.

This coming week is going to feature Blasts from the Society’s Past, reruns of posts from some of the earliest days of the blog. I intend to spend the week getting the Stonehell draft into shape and doing a little punch-up work on the Dungeon Alphabet (I’ve seen the layout for the book and, although I’m highly biased, I extremely pleased). I’ve also got a DVD of four Hammer films that begs to be watched. If time allows, I’ll try to get some lead work done on future SoTPR posts to help give me a buffer for the coming year and prepare the obligatory One Year Anniversary post.

To all of you headed to Indy, have a great time. Everybody else is invited to stop by the Society for your normally scheduled visits to dine on the intellectual leftovers. I’ll be back with new stuff on Monday, August 17th.


Timeshadows said...

Have a well-deserved break. :)

Amityville Mike said...

I'm not certain "break" is the most appropriate word to describe the upcoming week, but "well-deserved" certainly is.