Friday, June 5, 2009

Stonehell Report

Another two weeks have gone by so it's time for another update.

As expected, the One Page Dungeon Contest put a crimp in my design time but not as much as I originally feared. The surface level is more finished than not (85% done) and does indeed span the predicted three sections. There's a few places (and things) to poke your swords into before venturing down into the depths, and there is even a nice little "starter dungeon" which could be used to teach newcomers to the world of role-playing what to expect. Or you could just throw them into the deep end and hope for the best.

While I'm still avoiding writing any delivery date in stone, I'm confident that the next report will have Level One completly updated and edited, which will mean that only Levels Two and Three still require attention. Updating and cleaning up the quadrant maps look to be the biggest workload but it needs to be done. General notes, appendices, and overall fluff will follow, leading towards the end of the compilation.

Thanks again for your patience but I truly believe the end result is going to be worth the wait.


Apprentice of Old School said...

Just posting to let you know that I'm eagerly awaiting what you've got! :)

Amityville Mike said...

Thanks! I'm shooting to to get the compilation done within the time constraints of "sooner" rather than "later."

I'll keep picking away at it until the marble slab finally looks like the elephant.