Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stonehell Progress Report

Between hosting visiting family, Forgotten Realms Week, and the final days of judging the One Page Dungeon Contest (winners will be announced tomorrow), I skipped my normally scheduled progress report on the effort to compile the first five levels of Stonehell into a single document. Let me correct that now.

Due to the chaos mentioned above, I didn’t make as much headway as I had hoped since I last checked in. Despite the competition for my attention, however, I did manage to finish up Level One. This means that the surface works and Levels One, Four, and Five have been banged into some semblance of a finished product, placing the dungeon past the midway point. I started in on Level Two yesterday and have completed the first quadrant. I’m currently reformatting section 2B in order to begin work on the Reptile House. My hope is to have Level Two at least 85% completed by the weekend.

My gut tells me Level Three is going to require a bit more work than usual, as the maps are a little tricky and there’s going to be a few more new monsters than usual to detail. I’m going to avoid speculating on how far along I’ll be when I make my next report, but I will say that I really hope to have the dungeon completed by the end of August - time and inspiration allowing.

I’d like to thank everyone who has expressed their anticipation to see the completed compilation and to gratefully acknowledge your patience as I do the heavy lifting to make it all happen.

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