Friday, June 19, 2009

Still to Come

When I set out to spend the week doing a retrospective on the Forgotten Realms, I had no idea how much I’d find to say on the topic. In the end, there wasn’t enough time to include everything I wanted to cover without going into a Grognardia-esque posting schedule. I have three more posts to make about the Realms, after which time I believe I’ll finally have put my ghosts to rest and be able to move on.

I was hesitant about spending a week on the topic and purposely didn’t so much as glance at the traffic numbers for fear that a sharp dip would influence me to abandon the topic before I had worked out my issues. Looking at them today, I see traffic has remained constant (even increased) throughout the week, so this gives me confidence to ask your indulgence to allow me to finish my thoughts regarding the Realms.

Next week will be M/W/F postings again and will present the final Faerun postings of the now misnamed "Forgotten Realms Week." We’ll look at the man behind the Realms, my closing words on the subject, and why I associate the Forgotten Realms with sex. Enjoy the weekend, all.


Christopher B said...

"...and why I associate the Forgotten Realms with sex."

Uh-oh - you're not gonna pull a "Phil & Dixie" on us, are you? ;D

Andreas Davour said...

I've had fun. I wait with baited breath for the last ones! Thanks Mike!