Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Curriculum Vitae (Current as of 2.16.14)

There is now an online index of Fight On! articles assembled by “elf23” from the Original Dungeons & Dragons Discussion forum. It contains a list of all the articles appearing in issues #1-#13 and can be viewed by issue, article, author, and other criteria. If you’ve ever wondered who contributed to what issue or what exactly appears in a magazine you don’t own, go check it out.

That’s the important part of this post and what follows is mere vanity on the part of the author. Upon examining the FO! index, I realized that it’s getting to the point where I don’t necessarily recall all that I’ve written for various projects and publishers. My body of work is not extensive, so I fear it’s my collapsing mental faculties that are to blame for this. To help combat this encroaching decrepitude, I’m listing my current oeuvre for reference and as a reminder to myself. I’ve got more irons in the fire for 2013 and look forward to expanding this list as announcements are made.

"The Fane of St. Toad"
The Dungeon Alphabet (2009)
The Dungeon Alphabet Expanded Third Printing (2012)
Stonehell Dungeon: Down Night-Haunted Halls
Stonehell Dungeon Supplement One: The Brigand Caves
Stonehell Dungeon Supplement Two: Buried Secrets
Emirikol Was Framed!
The Sea-Queen Escapes!
The Croaking Fane
Frozen in Time
The Tower out of Time
The Old God's Return
Intrigue at the Court of Chaos
The Adventurers’ Almanac (to-be-released)
A Single Small Cut (to-be-released)
The Chained Coffin (to-be-released)
Stonehell 2 (to-be-released)

Realms of Crawling Chaos (random artifact generation tables & eldritch tomes rules)

Magazine Articles
“The Dungeon Alphabet: Part One,” Knockspell #1
“Dungeon Oddities,” Knockspell #2
“Stealing the Histories,” Knockspell #4
“With New Old Eyes,” Silver Gryphon Monthly #4 (January 2009)
“Random Rooms,” Fight On! #4
“A Few for the Road,” Fight On! #5
“A Few for the Road, Part 2” Fight On! #6
"Old School Game Determination," Fight On! #6
“Sites to Seek,” Fight On! #8
“It’s All in the Cards,” Fight On! #12
“In the Shadow of the Catskills" Fight On! #13
"Gnatdamp: Sanctuary in the Swamp." Gygax Magazine #1
"The Wildwyck Gazetteer" Fight On! #14
"Artifacts to impart ancient lore" Gygax Magazine #3 

Contributing Author
Open Game Table: Anthology of Roleplaying Blogs Vol. 1 (“The Commonplace Book”)
Red Planet RPG (revised magic chapter)
Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game (additional spells)
Dungeon Crawl Classics Free RPG Day 2012 (“The Undulating Corruption”)
Fragments 1: The Way of Tree, Shadow & Flame (deities, encounter tables, and rogues’ gallery)
Tales From the Fallen Empire (additional spells & crafting magical items)
The Monster Alphabet (additional entries; to-be-released)

The One-Page Dungeon Contest (2009)
Mystery Map Adventure Design Competition (2012)

Three-Castles Award (2011)


Oakes Spalding said...

Do you know anything about when the next issue is coming out? I feel like we are in a dry spell. Fight On! and Knockspell haven't come out in a while and Encounter seems to be dead. Does this lull have anything to do with anything (has interest or the will and/or means to publish them dried up)? I liked them all.

-Waiting in Chicago

Michael Curtis said...

Fight On! #14 is in layout now after several delays and is estimated for a January release. Since it's a one-man show behind the scenes, it's inevitable that these things happen.

I have no information on the status of Knockspell or Encounters. I recall Knockspell was looking for submissions a while back, but I'm not even sure who's publishing it these days.

Oakes Spalding said...

Thanks! I'm looking forward to it.

Timothy Callahan said...

Hi Mike!

I ran Emirikol Was Framed for players young and old today (and some of the younger players were more experienced than the older ones) and we had a great time!

I actually embedded it in a sort-of-ongoing AD&D campaign, so the tower was tackled by an Illusionist, Thief, Assassin, and Monk, and they made it out (mostly) alive. But it was super-fun, for sure.

Looking forward to more of your stuff in 2013!

Michael Curtis said...

Thanks for the kind words, Timothy. I'm glad the group had fun in the Shifting Tower!