Friday, November 4, 2011

Help Bail out the Warden

As some of you know, legendary designer James Ward has been dealing with health issues that have placed a severe financial burden on him and his family. To that end, Jim’s friend and former TSR co-worker, Tim Kask, has established Friends of Starship Warden to help defray Jim’s medical expenses.

This past Tuesday, Jim underwent a “coronary procedure” that turned into a triple bypass. As of tonight, Jim is in the ICU, recovering. Tim Kask reports:

This just in from Jim's friend: Just a quick update on Jim as of now (Thur. evening)...he is still in ICU, but his doctors feel he is doing well. The surgery went well -- he had several large blockages which would almost certainly have caused a heart attack in the near future had they gone unattended. When I saw him earlier today he was still a bit groggy/drugged, but in great spirits and very appreciative of everyone’s prayers and positive thoughts. Keep it up. At this point, he expects to be in the hospital until Monday or so.

Suffice to say, the operation was a costly one that will add to Jim’s financial difficulties. For those of you wishing to help Jim out and help pay back the man for the many hours of entertainment he’s provided down the years, please consider visiting the Friends of Starship Warden and making a donation to help Jim and his family pay down some of medical bills.

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Dangerous Brian said...

Go Jim! Thanks the link.