Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Realms of Crawling Chaos Review

It has fallen out of public view in the past several months, which is only natural given the sheer amount of good stuff that's been coming out of various OSR publishers (professional and amateur), but I've seen signs that people are beginning to give Dan Proctor's excellent Lovecraftian supplement for Labyrinth Lord another look-see. People still seem to enjoy my paltry contributions to the book as well.

A new review of Realms of Crawling Chaos is up over at Reviews from R'lyeh. Swing on by and give it a read if you've been wondering if this might be the book to spice up your old school D&D game.


Badmike said...

Michael I hope you and Dan are going to be submitting this for the 2012 Three Castles Award, it looks great!

Michael Curtis said...

Mike, I'd contact Dan about that. RoCC is really his book and I just added some stuff towards the end. If it was submitted and won, it would definately be his award, not mine.

ClawCarver said...

I'm currently running Stonehell, and I anticipate it going on for a long time yet (the players have only just poked their noses into level 2), but I'm also building a sandboxy hexcrawl which is sort of Deadwood meets Beowulf meets Tsathoggua. RoCC has been a major inspiration, and I'll probably pop the Fane of St Toad in there too. "Curtisian" D&D is where I'm at, it seems.