Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stonehell Dungeon T-Shirts Now Available

Over a year ago, I had a single “Official Stonehell Dungeon T-Shirt” made to help publicize the book. I’ve worn that shirt to conventions, my weekly game, and to other roleplaying-related events. After more than a year of wear, the shirt remains in good condition. During that time, I’ve had several people ask me where they could get a shirt of their own and up until now they couldn’t. But thanks to an agreement with artist Carl Nash and the good folks at Zazzle.com, Stonehell Dungeon T-Shirts are now available to the general gaming public.

There are three varieties of shirts currently available at the Stonehell Dungeon Store. The first is the cheap white T-shirt with the iconic Ogre Face Arch image and Stonehell Dungeon logo. It retails for $18.00. The second is the basic “gamer dude” black T-shirt with arch and logo. The shirt is higher quality than the cheap white T-shirt and sells for $25.00. Lastly, there are the “I’m both ashamed and proud that I came up with this idea” official “In-Game Bonus” T-shirts. Coming in four varieties, each shirt grants a special modifier to the character of the player wearing the shirt. Roughly class specific, there is a shirt for clerics, fighters, magic-users, and thieves. They each retail for $35.00.

For the purposes of complete disclosure, the shirts vary in production. The cheap white T-shirts have the image directly applied to the fabric (I’m not certain if this is silk-screened or not; I don’t have the knowledge of the process involved). The black and modifier tees have the logo and image applied as an appliqué, not too dissimilar in method to the rockin’ “iron ons” we had as kids, but of better quality. The in-game modifier text on those shirts is applied directly to the fabric. I’ve had mine for over a year and the appliqué has suffered very little wear despite many trips through the wash.

I’m not expecting these to sell like hotcakes, but since people have asked and any extra money that comes in allows me to cover some bills while I finish the sequel, I’ve taken my final step into crass commercialism and selling out. I hope this will mark the end of that journey, but I should if ever become possible to create Stonehell Snuggies™ I’m so going to.

Zazzle offers a 30-day “replace or refund” guarantee so if you get a bummer or have second thoughts, you’re not out your cash. Also, much like Lulu, Zazzle offers regular discount codes on their products. In fact, until August 31st, the code SAYITTSHIRTS will save you $5.00 on each shirt you buy.

Stonehell Dungeon “In-Game” shirts are official in my own version of the dungeon, regardless of whether I’m running it at home or on the road. Individual referees can choose to accept or disallow Stonehell “In-Game” shirts for their own games. For the official rules regarding their use, click here, and remember to get your ref’s OK before buying an “In-Game” shirt.

Check out the Stonehell Shop and help support the Stonehell Dungeon sequel, coming this year from yours truly.


Hamlet said...

You, sir, are a drug dealer, picking the pockets of poor adicts. The only difference is that your drug is slightly more socially acceptable than, say, heroine.

Maybe the first week in September after I get paid . . .

BlUsKrEEm said...

Umm... http://www.customsnuggie.com/

Michael Curtis said...

I was kidding, but now the idea of having an army of devotees dressed up like Cthulhu cultists appeals to me...

Jimmy said...

I love big mouths and I cannot lie..

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