Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Secret Fire is Burning Down Tenkar’s Tavern

I’ve been concentrating on other things for most of the summer (and some announcements about those things may be cropping up in the near future) and I completely missed the progress and changes that Legends & Labyrinths had been undergoing since I sat in on a playtest back in June. Luckily, Tenkar of the Tavern seems to be covering the game post-release in painstaking if random detail.

Obviously, the biggest change was the fact that it got a new title: The Secret Fire. It also seems that some folks have been coming out of the woodwork to praise George Strayton’s creation. As I said after the playtest, the game incorporates elements from all the editions, utilizing them and improving on some of them to very good effect. I’ve not had a chance to read the released version of the game yet (ahem), but from what Tenkar’s been reporting, it sounds like the playtest was very indicative of the final result.

There are some interesting game mechanics in The Secret Fire and even if the game turns out not be the one you going to be playing, those on the lookout for different options and unconventional designs will want to take a look at the game. But don’t take my word for it: Keep reading Tenkar’s coverage and make up your own minds.


Tenkar said...

Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I'm pretty random in my game reading, usually due to the fact that reading one thng makes me look for another related thing, and so on.

GADD strikes again ;)

Michael Curtis said...

I'm just glad someone's taking the time to read it and report since I'm buried. As you've no doubt seen, there's a lot of interesting mechanics in The Secret Fire, but I haven't heard much buzz about the game around the old school campfire.

Alexander "Ka-Blog!" Osias said...

Ah. I was confused because of the other L&L project here.

Coincidence, yes?

jaerdaph said...

Is the PDF at RPGNow intentionally copy/paste disabled or was that an artifact of the way OBS uploads files?

Anonymous said...

Oh, there's buzz about it in the OSR community. Just none of it is any good.