Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Latest Gamma Go-Around

If you’ve been reading this blog over the past few weeks, you undoubtedly know that I a) intend to run a Gamma World campaign next year once my current Labyrinth Lord game needs some rest, and b) own every edition of Gamma World ever produced. And, as of today, I mean EVERY version. I picked up the latest attempt to bring post-apocalyptic mayhem to the gaming mainstream, which is a struggle for reasons I fail to understand.

This marks the first time that I’ve added any of my filthy lucre to WotC’s coffers since they decided to pull the older edition PDFs from the commercial market. I hemmed and hawed about whether or not to make the exception for this version of Gamma World, but ultimately came to the conclusion that they’d get my money for this sooner or later. I didn’t drop a single dollar on 4E D&D, so this will also serve as my first “in my hand” exposure to the 4th edition rules, which Gamma World utilizes in some manner. I couldn’t tell you how true they are to their fantasy sister for obvious reasons.

I’m going to try and be open-minded about this version of GW. I’ll admit that I might not be successful, but I’m going to try. I’m also not going to review it based on how it reads. If and when I do talk about this version of Gamma World (I’m not even sure what to call it. Some have called it 4th edition Gamma World or D&D Gamma World, but neither quite work for me. I’ll just stick with New Gamma World for now.), it will only be after I’ve had a chance to play it. I think that’s only fair. Maybe I can convince some of the Labyrinth Lord guys to stay late one Sunday and give it a shot.

I will address one thing because it seems to be the direction WotC’s packaging is headed since the D&D Starter Set came out: There is a heck of a lot more box than stuff here, and dice aren’t amongst that stuff. Here’s what you’re getting:

I understand there will be two Gamma World Expansions released (Famine at Far-Go and The Legion of Gold) and this packaging choice might be meant to accommodate that material. However, if you’re expecting a Fantasy Flight Games-level of stuff inside that boxed set (which really does look like it’s a board game box), you’ll be disappointed. That’s all I’m saying for now.


BigFella said...

First time I saw that box I was reminded of Avalon Hill's "Monsters Menace America".

I'm rather ambivalent about the new GW at this point. I'm trying to fight down my inner grognard on it and not make a knee jerk dismissal.

I will be following your reviews with interest.

Jay said...

Yes, looking forward to your review! Michael, is your FLGS participating in the GW Release Event? Are you planning on going?

Posr said...

Looking forward to your thoughts. I'm assuming it's Gamma World minus the Gamma World and am hoping to be proven wrong.

David Cutts said...

I love the P.A. games and I've been so tempted to pull the trigger on GW ... I just haven't been sucked in YET! Let us know what you think

James Maliszewski said...

I thought the art direction alone was enough to turn me off, but seeing the contents actually made me even less interested in it than the artwork did (which I didn't think possible). Blech!

The Mild Mannered Gamer said...

Well Mike if you do decide to have a late session one sunday I am in. I will give any game a chance and I have some background with the 4th Ed of D&D.

Dan said...

I might pick this up. I don't mind the extra space in the box. If it was chock full, the game would cost $100.

JB said...

WotC announces: "People love the new direction of our RPGs! Look at all the sales for the new Gamma World alone! Stocked at Barnes & Nobles, perfect for any child's Christmas stocking!"

B. Portly Esq. said...

I agree with James, the final art direction is awful and looks like the packaging for a cheap childlren's toy.

The earlier mock-up looked a lot better before marketing "fixed" it: http://tinyurl.com/2gxfffv

However, the monster illustrations by Mike Faille are pretty sweet. He has a great "clean line" style.

Minor quibble: the Gren wasn't depicted with it's green skin, as noted in the previous editions.

Regardless, I love Gamma World and picked this up out sheer curiosity. It's my first exposure to any 4ed D&D style rules.