Friday, May 15, 2009

“Dungeon Oddities” Evens Out

While I’m not one to bandy about accusations of sorcery, somehow James Maliszewski managed to get his hands on Knockspell #2 already and offers it up for review over at Grognardia. In that review, James has a few kind words for my contribution to this latest issue:

“Michael Curtis offers up an amazing article on "Dungeon Oddities" that has already inspired me as I continue to work on my Dwimmermount megadungeon.”

“Dungeon Oddities” also gets special mention by Matt Finch in the thread over at the Original D&D Discussion forum. Granted that both Matt and James had their own involvement with Knockspell #2 and this should be taken into account when weighing for any bias, it’s nice to see that the article seemed to stand out amongst the excellent contributions by many other authors.

“Dungeon Oddities” was a heck of a lot of fun to write and I was quite satisfied with the end result – an oddity in itself as many writers can attest. I cover a pretty broad spectrum of subterranean weirdness in that piece, going into detail about bizarre doors, rifts between worlds, stone wombs, magma rivers, tar pits, and a few other set pieces of strangeness to include down in the dungeon depths. I certainly hope the readers of this blog will buy a copy of Knockspell #2 and get some enjoyment and inspiration out of “Dungeon Oddities.”


Brunomac said...

Hey Mike, if you could float me a personal copy of the original oddities text to look at, I promise to buy the whole issue! ;)

Anonymous said...

I look forward to buying a copy of Knockspell and checking this out.

And I am sure that there is sorcery involved regarding Grognardia

grodog said...


It's a great article, easily the highlight of the issue for me! :D


Amityville Mike said...

Thank you very much, Allan. Both for the compliment and for allowing me to tread in Kuroth's territory for this issue. I'll try not to make a my interloping a regular occurance.

grodog said...

I don't have a stranglehold on dungeon articles, Mike, so fire away: I'm likely to be moving off of dungeons soon for a bit, into some (I think) uncharted territory in/around gates....