Monday, August 25, 2008

The Order of Chaos

Before I get things rolling, I’d like to establish a loose set of guidelines to what I’ll be waxing poetic about here. Think of this as a very rough mission statement, one subject to evolution or outright change as time passes.

I’ve maintained a blog of a more personal nature for a few years and, up to now, that’s been the depository of anything D&D related, as well as anything else that’s struck my fancy. As of late, that blog has begun to see more traffic, thanks to a link to a more popular gaming blog. Rather than have visitors slog through my disordered rambling there to glean any gaming related nuggets, I’ll begin to direct that traffic here. I’ll cull the more role-playing oriented entries from that older blog and repost them at this locale.

In addition to reruns, I’m going to keep the focus here on my re-entry into the role-playing hobby. I’ve never really left it, but there was a large period of time when I was not as actively involved, either as a DM or a player. Changes in my life have brought me back into the fold with a renewed interest. But I’m returning with a collection of baggage and, depending on one’s point of view, some bad habits. I’m going to explore the gamer that I’ve become and see how I can either resolve that with my old-school experiences with the game or shed myself of the more atrocious habits I’ve acquired. I’ve been delving back into D&D and have brushed off my homebrewed world to help me get reacquainted with the game.

In doing so, I’ve had the opportunity to consider both how I play and how I create things behind the screen. I’ve been attempting to recapture the feeling of how the game used to be at a time when it was closer to its origins. This has been a struggle sometimes, as I find myself wrestling with a more post-modern design mindset. Is it even possible to go back to my roots? That’s what I hope to chronicle here.

Besides my attempts to return to a version of the game I most identify with and enjoy, I’ll be exploring subjects related to that, be they sources of inspiration, product reviews, or just links to the various other blogs and website dedicated to an earlier era in the hobby. The focus will mostly be on D&D, but I may take the time to explore a few other classic titles (Gamma World being a strong possibility, simply because it’s one of the older titles I love greatly).

I hope to maintain a regular M/W/F post schedule, but since this is a labor of love, that schedule will be determined by how much loving I’m currently in the mood for.

So let’s roll some bones and see what turns up…


Anonymous said...

This pretty much describes what I've been going through. I only figured out after reading a lot of Grognardia what it was that always worked in the games I ran back in high school and middle school, and why i can't recapture that experience currently, even with great rules-light games like Fudge and True20.

So I've been re-training my brain, and remembering how we used to do things, and it seems to be working. I ran a Retro-Stupid event for halloween, and although the stupid overtook the retro swiftly, everyone had a great time. Can't ask for better than that.

So, yeah. This is me reading your blog from the start. It will take a while to catch up with your current posts. Still, looks like good stuff.

Amityville Mike said...

Welcome odrook! Hopefully you'll be able to sympathize with some of the other posts where I talk about our similiar condition.

Good to have you here. Take your time and enjoy.