Friday, August 29, 2008


You’ll notice that there’s a list of “Fellow Adventurers” over there to your right. It’s small now, but will grow with time. There sites that are listed there now – and will be listed in the future – are sites that I have either found to be useful on my quest back to my roots or that I have some sort of vested interest in. As I add links, I’ll take a brief moment to explain what they are and why they were added. Short previews of what you might find there before you click and go, if you will.

Grognardia: James Maliszewski’s site is one of, if not the best blogs I’ve found so far regarding old-school D&D. Dedicated to exploring the history of the game, he’s often insightful and has a way of expressing what a lot of grognards and semi-grognards are thinking. I ,don’t always agree with what he’s writing, but there are way more hits than misses as far as I’m concerned.

UncleBear: Berin Kinsman’s been blogging about gaming for somewhere in the 10 year area now. I stumbled upon his site while searching for Gamma World fonts many years back and It has been a daily visit for me ever since. Berin’s become active with his local gaming community after too many years of working on gaming projects, but not actually playing. If you check out only one of the links here, stop by UncleBear. Tell him about your paladin.

Vanadorn D&D Campaign: I have a vested interest in this one. It’s an adventure blog detailing the adventures of the Sundered Chain, an adventuring group who threw off the yokes of slaver oppression to bring hope and justice to a world drowning in evil! Actually, they fell off a cliff, got lucky and escaped in the confusion. The blog is about the three-weekends-a-month modified 3.5 D&D game I’ve been in for just about a year now. For those of you interested, I’m playing Zoltan.

More to come, so stay tuned.

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