Friday, March 29, 2013

MAJUS Draft Now Available to All Funders

This just in from Dan Proctor courtesy of the Goblinoid Games blog:
Starting today all backers have access to the draft of MAJUS prior to final layout with art. This is provided as a thank you to all supporters, and so that you can get right into enjoying the game before the final version is finished. Current backers please check today's update (for backers only) with download instructions. Future backers, once pledged, can read Update 2 from the Kickstarter page to find instructions.

Have a great weekend!
Whether you've pledged $1.00 or $100.00, here's your chance to get the magic of MAJUS started right away. Go make a pledge at the Kickstarter page and checkout Update #2 for details on how to get your copy of the art-free draft version of the game.


Herb Nowell said...

I've been reading it.

I've also been reading DaveB's "Soul Cage" play report on I read his "Broken Diamond" years ago. Both are from Mage: the Awakening campaigns if you're not familiar with them.

What is great is I can see using Majus to basically play M:tAw but in many ways better:

1. It is easier to get players as the system is more lightweight (an advantage it also has over The Dresden Files RPG.

2. Because it's not really M:tAw you can ignore stuff you don't like while bringing in stuff ("Hello, Mr Dresden").

3. Because I can directly import my Chill stuff.

Some friends had requested a Dresdenish game and, for personal reasons, I was going to pitch Mage instead (but with a Dresden feel).

You just bumped White Wolf. Sumer is cooler than Atlantis anyway.

Dan of Earth said...

Very cool, Herb! Please post any additional thoughs, play reports, etc. If you have time.

Michael Curtis said...

Thanks, Herb! Please help spread the word if you can. I'm pretty proud of "MAJUS" and want to see it get all the love and attention it deserves as a finished product.

Herb Nowell said...

@Michael and Dan:

Pimping blog post up.

Also, this Saturday is the local D&D meetup (which is general RPG). I'm taking Majus and I'm going to try to get a game going.

Michael Curtis said...

Thanks for the plug and ggo luck with the game on Saturday!