Thursday, February 28, 2013

Goin' Back to Ohio

The next stop on my Ill-CONceived Tour of 2013 is CincyCon in Cincinnati, OH, where I'll be running four sessions of DCC RPG, including a sneak-peek at The Croaking Fane, a playtest of an upcoming adventure suitable for 1st level PCs or as a zero-level funnel, and my own rambling street-crawl in the city of Oolvanvar. Lodging for Cincycon 2013 is courtesy of Mr. Tim Kask, who is kind enough to let me hang my hat at his home for the weekend.

I'm looking forward to playing some games, meeting new gamers, and seeing the madcap behind of Marvin the Mage and Gygax Magazine art editor, Jim Wampler again. I should have just enough time to recoup before I climb back on a plane for Gary Con V. Hope to see some of you in my travels!


Digital Orc said...

Ah, Cincinnati is my old hometown. I miss it! Have fun.

Otto said...

Ha! Me too. Makes me want to visit.

Lee B said...

I should be signed up for a Saturday have to follow the Kask-master though :)